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Clicking on the name of a program will take you to its page, where you can learn more about it or download it.

For old discontinued (archived) programs, click here. Recently archived programs include Noteplus, Weather Forecaster, Sender, Clipboard Sender, Weblight, WebX, and Solar System Weight.

For upcoming programs, see Crafter Grss


The list of programs--most likely why you are here--is above. More information and downloads for the programs are available on their pages, which you can get to by clicking their name. All programs here are free. Most programs here require the Visual Basic (VB) 5 runtime files (including msvbvm50.dll) and Windows 95 or above.

Links run down the left side of this page, including contacting information. You can contact me for support, program/feature suggestions, etc. To stay on top of what's happening here, you can subscribe to the newsletter, delivered to your e-mailbox whenever there is enough news to fill it. A store with merchandise themed after this site also exists. Additionally, if you're looking for something on this site but can't find it, use the search tool below.

And finally, if you're having trouble with a program here, check out the knowledge base (KB). It's a collection of articles about programs here--not only about known bugs/problems and their resolutions or workarounds but also how-to articles and undocumented features! Great for users who need help, power users, or anybody! Of course, you can also contact me for problems, but the KB is usually a good place to start.

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