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GetRight Download Status SS

This screen saver requires (GetRight is a popular program which allows you to resume interrupted downloads and more;click here for more.)

The latest revision of this screen saver is revision 1.20, released April 22, 2000. I have another sort of like this one (but it floats the download's progress across the screen); if you're looking for it,see here

To Download: Click here


This screen saver will show you the status (size, percentage done, time remaining...) of your downloads, when you use GetRight to download. This screen saver is free--just as all my programs are.

Read below for more information.

New Things in Revision 1.20

Revision 1.20 is like one huge bux fix for revision 1.12. A few bugs included improper updating of the right status pane, improper display of the release date (XX is not a day of the month <g>), and not wrapping text to the next line if it's too large to fit on one line. Also, the memory errors that would display if the screen saver was running for a long time have been fixed.

Known bugs/issues with this revision

None yet...

What I am working on for the next revision

I haven't done much for the next revision yet. To give me feedback, including any suggestions,Contact us

If you came here from the GetRight add-on page, I encourage you to also visit the main pageof my website. I have many other programs, and you may like some of them. Webpage designer? Try myHTML editor. Ever wanted virtual sticky notes? The TrayNotes is the answer! All my programs are free. There are many more programs than this! 
GetRight is made byHeadlight Software. This screen saver was not made by Headlight Software, so for questions, etc. about this, contact me and not them. Similarly, contact them and not me for questions about GetRight itself. © 1999-2002, Robert Morris. Thanks to Headlight Software (Michael Burford) for putting this in the list of GetRight add-ons.